Photos by Jess Rose Photos by Jess Rose


My love for documenting the world around me started at age seven; I would pester my Dad for disposable cameras and spend my weekends taking photographs in and around the old farmhouse we rented when I was little. I also have strong memories of the smell of the darkroom he worked in, and I still love the magical process of watching negatives become prints. I took my first and Postgraduate degrees in Performance Studies, specialising in the documentation of live work. This research interest informs my approach to photographing weddings and other 'in the moment' events. Earlier this year I met a 90 year old photojournalist who had an unbounded curiosity for what he could make with a camera. He reminded me of the importance of striving not to be 'the best', but to always keep learning, discovering and playing; I feel that it is this curiosity and playfulness which gives an image personality, and I try to bring this energy with me to every session I shoot. 
I am now a mother of one, and I am enjoying introducing my little boy to the camera.
Together we love to travel, walk in the mountains, explore bookshops and talk nonsense.